Monday, April 11, 2011

Test Your Play

From a KO match

A Q 10 8 6 2
10 5 2
K 5 3
A J 7 2
K J 8
J 10 6 2

SouthWest North East
1 ♠
Pass 1 NT 2 3
3 NT All Pass

4 led, RHO plays the Ace and another diamond. Say you try the Jack and it loses to the Queen, a 3rd diamond coming back. Now what? Hearts are not 5-0.

Answer below...

RHO has apparently bid a bit crazily, and must have the ♠KQ and the ♣A, and probably the ♣Q. So, run hearts as RHO pitches 3 low spades and 2 low clubs to get to this 4 card ending:

K 5 3
J 10

Now play a low club from dummy. RHO can win his Ace and cash a diamond, then you have the rest. A delayed-duck squeeze.

The only way you might even go wrong is if declarer is 6142 and pitches a diamond and a club and 3 spades. You might guess to throw him in with a spade hoping to score ♣K, but will be disappointed.

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