Monday, July 16, 2012

Signal Jamming

From Philly LM Pairs 1st Semi, Board 7 (both Vul), hands rotated:



Lead: C8

The opponents play 4th best from suits they like, udca, odd-even, and original smith.

You win trick one in dummy while RHO plays the ten. It seems clear that LHO started with AK98 of clubs (and maybe a 5th or 6th; I guess I don't know if the CT was count or attitude). What do you do?

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There's a technical line for making 9 tricks, which may be right at matchpoints: if LHO has SA and 4 diamonds to go with 5 clubs, he'll be squeezed out of the setting trick on the run of the hearts and you can then set up spades. This obviously also succeeds if clubs are 4-4 all along.

It might also be right to play RHO for SA and try to steal a trick. If he has enough of them, leading SQ at trick 2 might induce a duck fearing stiff K with partner.

 But, I don't think either of these lines is right at matchpoints. Our strong NT style is a hair lighter than some, and not everyone will avoid the 5-3 spade fit (though I agree with North's action -- note that it's a clear winner on a non-club lead for starters). So most of the field rates to be plus 620 and we need to try to take 10 tricks.

[Last chance to ponder once more]

The best line I could come up with is to place RHO with SA and try to create a difficult-to-read smith situation. So I led D4 to the K (RHO played the 2 and LHO the 7 -- if LHO had the 2 I may have switched plans). This was as I hoped: from RHO's point of view, there were 2 outstanding spots lower than the seven, making the card difficult to read. I then led a spade to the Q and Ace.  I also liked that I blocked 2 suits, which is a little counter-intuitive and may be harder for the defense to work out.  Sure enough, RHO took some time to think...

 ... and led a club. Down 1.

In retrospect, it's a bit hard to imagine a layout from RHO's point of view where a club was wrong.  Perhaps I should have tried one of the other lines and at least secured a plus score. Read more!

A Deep Finesse Gem

From the LM Pairs in Philly, 2nd Semi board 7 (hands rotated):

KQ43        65
T9654       AQ7
952         QT76
8           J532

Deep Finesse asserts that 3N is cold. Try to work it out on the HT lead around to the HK. Hints later. Read more!