Saturday, March 27, 2010

Early round hand

On the 1st day we had two 57s to qualify in 5th place of 78 qualifiers. This deal was not one of our successes. Andy was North, I was South. David Grainger/Ari Greenberg were East/West.

Board 8
Dlr W
Vl None
A K 10 9 7 6
10 9 6
K 5
10 3
2 Q 8
8 3 2 A K Q J 7 5 4
Q 10 9 8 6 3
A K 7 6
Q J 8
J 5 4 3
A J 7 4 2
9 5 4 2
Ari Andy David Franco
West North East South
Pass 1♠ 2 4♠
All Pass

We managed to hold it to 5.

Assign the blame. My thoughts below.

I think:

a) Ari made a big 5bid. Not sure what he's supposed to do.

b) Ari's difficulty highlights the value of South bidding 4♠ instead of some lower fit jump involving partner.

c) I think North has a clear 5♠ bid.

d) I think I also had a somewhat clear 5♠ bid.


Nice to start off with what might be the worst thing I did :)

You at least have somewhat of a problem. I had an automatic 5S bid. The only thing I can think of is that he took so long to bid 5H that he talked me out of it [Ari did take a long time--FB]. Even after you doubled I wanted to bid 5S, but I didn't think I could because you took a long time to double.


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  2. I would rather bid 5S with South than North, but you don't have to change much for both sides to be making only 10 tricks.

  3. I held the North hand, had the same auction, and thought 5S by my hand was clear. Then again, my West didn't take as long as Ari did.