Tuesday, January 5, 2010

After 2nt rebid

Over at Becker's Bridge Blog he posts his system after 1m-1M-2N.

I play a sort of hybrid between transfers and what he describes:

(Also applies only over 1m-1M-2N)

3C is a relay to 3D. Might be left there. Any subsequent bid, though, show opener's minor:

3N = mild slam try with 4m
3M = 5M, 4m
3oM = 4M, 5m

3D is a xfer to hearts (opener should break with preference for spades after 1m-1S-2N-3D)

3H is a xfer to spades (after 1m-1H-2N-3H, responder could be 4=4 or 4=5 in the majors, so opener bids 3N with support for neither, 3S with 3 *hearts* and past 3N with 4 spades)

3S shows the other minor

4C RKC for responder's suit

4D shows 6 of the other minor

I think showing some good supporting hands below 3N is useful, but I also like his idea of 1m-1M-2N-3C-3D-3M as showing a 6+M slam try. My style requires going beyond 3N with that hand, though that doesn't strike me as a big cost. On the other hand, I think it's more important to suggest opener's minor and still be able to stop in 3N; Becker's system doesn't seem to have that sequence at all.

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