Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Swiss teams puzzle

If it takes 30 seconds to shuffle, and 30 seconds to deal, how long does it take 2 people to make 3 boards at the start of a swiss match?

Answer below...

For most people, 2 minutes. Both people shuffle and deal a board, which takes 1 minute, then one of them makes the other board which takes another minute.

But, by scheduling better it only takes 90 seconds. Call the players A & B. Then:

0-30: A shuffles 1, B shuffles 2
30-60: A deals 1, B shuffles 3
60-90: A deals 2, B deals 3.

My partner is very slow, so I have to think about these things.

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  1. Also, you obviously need to try to sit at the table that only has 3/7 boards, and/or the table where the opponents have already arrived, if any :-).