Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do you balance?

Teams, Unfavorable.

A 8 4 3
A K 10 2
6 4
K 7 3

Dealer opens 3 and you are in balancing position. Do you act?

Result below.

I passed and don't think it's close. Down 2 for 100. The other table bid 3N, caught a good dummy, and made it (though I believe there was misdefense). Still don't think it's close.


  1. I'd really have to be at the table and consider also:

    State of the match

    Length of the match (is it a short swiss or a long KO event)

    What has happened previously in the match - do we "own" these guys or are we playing even up?

    Anyway, we've all doubled with these hands and we've all tried 3NT on other occasions.

    Sometimes each of these actions has worked and others it has been spectactularly wrong.

    I prefer light initial action with shortness in their suit - even at this level. Partner did not act, and he is relatively short in hearts. (Two or fewer most likely.

    So I go quietly and take 'em in 50's.

  2. It is easy to see that 3NT works, when partner has six clubs and a diamond stop, or double when he has the black suits.

    But, as Ross says, partner has failed to act with likely shortage and, with bad breaks likely, I would probably pass too.

    I guess I've missed slam opposite ♠Kxx ♥xx ♦- ♣Axxxxxxx?

  3. I double unfavorable and pass favorable. I know 3NT could work but double has a smaller chance of being doubled than 3NT I think.

  4. A nervous pass, but the more I think about it the more I have to pass. When we don't hit partner with something great, this is the kind of hand that plays very badly on bad breaks. We are not even likely to be taking many finesses through righty. With a different 14-count, AJTx AQxx xx Kxx, I would act.
    This hand highlights how important it is to be unreadable as preemptor's partner. Right now righty has a much better idea whether we should bid than we do.