Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do you double?

I've received feedback from 200% of my readers that there's too much crazy squeeze material. Luckily, I have several hands from a recent regional to post, and only one of them involves a squeeze.

Teams, favorable vul.

A 8 6 4
A K Q 10 9
Q 10 6

West North East South

Result below

I doubled at the table, and partner pulled to 5 with 4=2=5=2 and CK, DJ. This was particularly a success when they misdefended (cashing CA allowing me to shake a heart and cross ruff) and it made. 4♠ was slightly tricky but deserved to be made.

I think it's a little bit light on defense, but partner also knows that they've bid 4♠ at unfavorable and this should bias him towards bidding if the decision is close.


  1. No. Partner will leave it in most of the time and I don't see much defense.

  2. Automatic. Unlikely to make overtricks and plenty of upside. I have a lot more defence than many of my third seat openers.

  3. I go quietly. I don't see the upside to doubling as big, my vul vs not opponent hasn't gone crazy.

  4. Double would probably be right if partner would magically always make the right decision. But he will often have a very difficult guess. This hand has just enough extras to be tantalizing -- yes, it might be a big winner to act -- but I would let it go. Double game swing away?

  5. So, what do you think is the right answer?