Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Double-dummy solution

This hand is from yesterday's post, this time with the solution below the fold:

T98765 -
J T9876
QJ T87654
T976 QJ
South to make 6N on DQ lead.

What attracted me to the hand was the feature that each
opponent is triple squeezed, but not in the same 3 suits
(The D6 hand in _Right Through The Pack_ has that same
feature, though it is a much different hand. Also "saturated"
discussed by Don Kersey in the Bridge World and appearing
in a subsequent post here.). I also haven't seen the menace
(vs. East) in the club suit before, though it is very similar to
a guard menace.

Win DA, cash HA, HK, SQ, HQ. West will be stripped of 2
spades. Now 3 more spades (plus the one already played)
puts pressure on East. 3 diamonds may be pitched, but
then a club must be let go. Now DK completes the strip
against West and CK, club forces West to split -- duck
in dummy and claim the last 2.

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