Monday, July 13, 2009

Perhaps my coolest hand

[Update:  Found a copy of the column and updated the deal.  
  Analysis unaffected.]



RHO opens 2D and you wind up declaring 6H on a trump lead (trumps are 2-2). How do you play?

See below for an answer...

Correct technique is to run all your trumps. In the 6 card ending, RHO must keep 4 diamonds (or you can duck a diamond) and so only 2 black cards. Guess which black suit RHO has abandoned (if he has one of each it doesn't matter) and cash that Ace -- he still must hold 4 diamonds, so he must pitch another black card. Now you can draw his last black card, play DK and a diamond to the T for an endplay.

But, this could still go wrong if, say, you guess wrong and cash the SA and RHO follows, then you cash the CA and RHO pitches a diamond -- the endplay doesn't work if RHO can retain a black exit.

Can you find any extra vig? My solution tomorrow.

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