Sunday, November 22, 2009

Squeeze Articles

I've occasionally thought I might write a squeeze book someday. I've got drafts of some chapters and I'm starting to put them up here. There's also a link on the right tool bar.

Please use this as a spot for leaving comments on these articles.

UPDATE: The Compound Squeeze article and the Compound Guard/Clash squeeze article are both in good shape. The latter also delves into Saturated squeezes (very briefly) and what for now I've dubbed "Cover" squeezes (similar to guard squeezes).

UPDATE July 2010:  I've filled in some more Compound squeezes where a ruff is used for an entry.  I've also added "Ruffing Communicator Squeezes" discussing positions where the ruffing menace also provides compensation for flaws in other menaces (sort of similar to a clash squeeze).  

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