Thursday, November 26, 2009

Veering Squeeze Card Variant

[UPDATE: lots of posts the past couple of weeks; trying to settle in to a regular weekly schedule again starting now, though. I have several things lined up, so you should be able to rely on that for a while.]

Here's an 8 card double-dummy problem demonstrating a secondary compound squeeze with a veering squeeze card in the ending:

A Q 9 2
A K 5 4
J 10 8 K 4 3
Q J 10 9 8 7
3 2
4 3 2

Clubs trump. South to lead and take 7 of the last 8 tricks.

Solution below the fold.

Cash a trump. West must pitch a diamond (or set up spades or heart-spade strip vs East), then East is triple-squeezed. If a spade is pitched, use the 2 heart entries to ruff out the king and then enjoy the queen. If a diamond is pitched, duck a diamond to set up that suit. So, East must part with a heart.

On the next trump, West is triple squeezed. On a spade pitch, you can again cross to ruff out the king while pinning West's honors. A heart pitch sets up that suit. So West must pitch another diamond.

Now, cash the hearts and lead a 3rd one in this position:

A Q 9
J 10 8 K 4
4 3 2

This is the "familiar" veering squeeze card ending. If East pitches down to one diamond, ruff and throw him in to lead into dummy's spade tenace. If East blanks the ♠K, pitch a diamond. West wins and leads a spade so you can drop the king and get home.

Verified with Deep Finesse.

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