Monday, May 17, 2010

PP 1st Final Board 25

Board 25
Dlr N
Vul E-W
♠ Q 3 2
J 7 3
A 8 6
♣ A 8 7 3
♠ 10 8 7♠ 9 4
A K 6 5 49 8 2
KJ 5 4 3
♣ K J 5 2♣ Q 10 6 4
♠ A K J 6 5
Q 10
Q 10 9 7 2
♣ 9

All Pass

[Auction somewhat of a guess]

Basically the opponents missed a game here.  Declarer did pick up the diamonds for no losers.
3♠ by South +5, -200, 15/17



  1. I would have lost a diamond trick. Do you think he played it correctly?

  2. In isolation, I believe the percentage play in the diamond suit is to play to double finesse through west. Given that, you can finesse the J first (low to the 8 or equivalent) or finesse the K first (lead the Q). The former gains a trick vs the latter on stiff K on your left, but loses a trick on stiff J on your right.

    On the actual hand, you know that LHO has 3 spades and 5 hearts. He is more likely to have diamond shortness than length, so if you plan the double finesse, leading low first seems indicated.

    It feels like that's still the right thing to do on the hand. LHO probably doesn't have KJxx of diamonds, but he probably doesn't have a low singleton either since he might have lead or played it. Those cancel out leaving you back with the original percentages.