Thursday, July 1, 2010

PP 2nd Final Board 11

Board 11
Dlr S
Vul None

♠ A K Q J 7
J 10 8 4
A 9
♣ 5 4
♠ 9 8 5♠ 10 4
K 9 7 6A 5
J 10 8K 5 3
♣ 10 6 2♣ A K Q 9 8 7
♠ 6 3 2
Q 3 2
Q 7 6 4 2
♣ J 3

Pass1NTAll Pass

[Andy]  North pushed the modern notrumpitis to the limit on this one.  My experience seems to have shown that when you hold a 6 card running suit over their 1NT, it often works out best to pass.  I used to think that was kind of gambling, i.e. hoping they bid 3NT and play there doubled, but really it seems to have a lot going for it beyond that.  Anyway, our current agreements constrain my choices to either pass or 3♣, so I preferred the former.

I ran my 4 club tricks, giving declarer an uncomfortable discard at the end.  As often happens, declarer chose to keep winners instead of sure stoppers, pitching a diamond and 3 hearts.  We then took 4 heart tricks for down 4.

+200 was a cold top.  Had declarer chosen to play safe for down two, that would have been worth half the board.


  1. A pretty lousy play I think, to gamble you would miss the heart shift after he just pitched 3 of them. And when -110 is a very possible score.

  2. Perhaps they were hung up on not having opened 1S, without realizing that they might not buy it in Spades.