Sunday, August 15, 2010

Test Your Play Again

Matchpoints, favorable

♠ 3 2
Q 9 4 3
♣ K Q 10 9 3 2
♠ A Q J 6 4
A 9 5 2
♣ A 8 7

This is slightly modified from a hand I played on Saturday. LHO opened 1♠, RHO passes, and you wind up in 3N. ♠10 led, RHO shows out, pitching a diamond. When you play a club to the king, everyone follows.

How do you play?

1 comment:

  1. Assuming LHO has the HAK I can play DK and a H intending to arrive at a three cards ending, north having S3-HQ9 and south holding SAQ-Dx.
    Now unless LHO has unguarded S I can play a H having LHO present me with the last two tricks.
    The trap is – I think – that one must play a H after unblocking the DK rather than playing CA, DA and C winners else we arrive at a four cards ending similar to the one above with one extra H at both hands.
    The difference, however, is that provided LHO has started life with 3 Ds he can now discard one of the H honors and hold on to SKx-HA-Dx while RHO keeps 2Ds.
    Playing as suggested might result in making just nine tricks if the H honors are split with RHO having the HT as well but I believe the risk is well worth it.
    Finally, I don't see a way to 11 tricks if the H honors are split.