Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More fun with K-10 doubleton

A while back I read this post by Jonathan (don't miss the story about Kantar in the comments). So when this hand rolled around (LM Pairs Fri eve #5), I was ready:

8 7 2
A 10
A K 5
A Q 9 7 2
Q J 10 9 5
Q 9 8 6
7 4
K 10

I led the ♠Q against 3NT. Partner won ♠A and continued the suit, declarer winning the 3rd round with the king. Hoping he had ♣J-8-x I was ready with the ♣K should he lead one. Sure enough he had that holding, and sure enough he led a club... the jack!

Later in the tournament in a team match our opponent found himself facing this club position against a high-level doubled contract:

J x
A Q x x x x x K 10
x x

A club spot was led, he inserted the 10 and held the trick. Working out what happened, he found partner's void and it was automatic for another club to come back to the king for a 2nd ruff and 500.

This is only a small gain since a suit preference signal should solve the defenders' problem, but declarer could have made it harder by playing the jack from dummy at trick 1.

So if you're worried about K-10 doubleton, play the jack.

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  1. Alan Applebaum had an even sadder story on this hand -- they led low, he played the K and they dropped his T -- oh well!