Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Team trials bidding problem

I held this hand in the team trials, favorable 2nd seat:

J 5 4
A K 6 5
K Q J 9 5 2

SouthWest North East
2♣ 4♠ PassPass

How would you rate Pass, Double, 4NT, and 5♣?

At the table, I doubled; I think now that it's right to bid 4NT.


  1. I like 4NT. Why not keep diamonds in play? I could be talked into pass. I don't care for double (that shows a different hand) or 5C (it's ok, but why give up on diamonds).

  2. I personally rank them as X, pass, 5C, 4NT

    I rank double highest because I can see taking a piece of this opposite the right hand from partner.

    I rank pass next because I still don't see them getting a sure plus and bidding is almost surely -300.

    I rank 5C over 4NT because I like 4NT to show a discrepancy of 1 card rather than 2 cards in general. I can also see running into club ruffs playing in diamonds. My feeling tends to be that if my intention leans towards sacrifice I want to be in the long suit.