Monday, August 31, 2009

Team trials bidding problem

My partner held this hand in the team trials, favorable 4th seat:

Q J 6
Q 8
J 8 7 4 2
A 10 4

SouthWest North East
2♣ 4♠ PassPass
DblPass ?

What's your call?


  1. I was wondering when you were going to get back to this. Cute way of doing it. I would sit and expect a good penalty if partner had a real reopening here. If he has his actual hand, then I hope our tricks are cashing.

  2. I hate these decisions--they rate to go down, but it doesn't look like a lock. Against that, it seems likely that our contract has some play, so I'll pull it to 5 clubs.

  3. Count me amongst the passers. I recently read something to the effect that unfavorable is the new license to steal because the opponents generally take an unfavorable preempt as serious so are less likely to double (and are more likely to over-compete). I'm not sure I buy that, but I like my chances on defense with this hand.

  4. WTP pass. If i would bid i would try 4Nt. Playing in Diamonds instead of clubs can result in a extra trick (pitching H on the clubs)

  5. I asked the walkers and both of them passed. I understand pass which is pretty much standard, but I am worried we can set them one when we can make a game (or set them two and can make a slam). I choose 5C, not because I'm scared of defending, but because I don't want to miss a game and because 5C is less likely to create a swing.

    I think there are a combined 18 or 19 trumps (in clubs and spades). I think pard has only 3 hearts, so they have a secondary heart fit. Pard has 3 diamonds, so we have a second fit in diamonds. Both of these means there are extra trick(s) available.

    Not that it will prove anything one way or the other, but I'm interested in what happened. Definitely a cute hand.