Thursday, April 8, 2010

Platinum Pairs 1st Final Board 4

Board 4
Dlr W
Vul Both
♠ J
A Q 9 7 4
Q 9 4 2
♣ A J 8
♠ Q 4♠ A 9 7 3
10 6J 8 2
J 10 7 5 3A 8 6
♣ K 10 7 3♣ Q 4 2
♠ K 10 8 6 5 2
K 5 3
♣ 9 6 5

Pass4All Pass


They led a low club to the K and A.  I played my spade, and East flew the A.  East now cashed the ♣Q and played another club.  I won and led a diamond; east won the A and played back a spade.  I won the K (pitching a diamond), played two rounds of trumps, ruffed a diamond, and ruffed a spade safely back to my hand to make 4.

I originally thought this was a flat board, but it was pointed out to me that the contract should be defeated.  East can play a spade back immediately upon winning the A.  I can't draw two rounds of trumps else East can play a third round when in with the A.  But when I play a diamond immediately, East can enact a trump promotion by playing a third spade.

East suggested that on the ♣Q his partner should play the 10, denying the J, which would force the defense to go for the promotion.  West thought his second club was a count card.  Might West have played the ♣J at trick one holding both the K and J?  A not entirely clear situation even for an advanced partnership.


620 was worth 13/17.  There were a lot of 170s and 620s, so it does not appear too many people found this defense.

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