Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PP 1st Final Board 17

Board 17
Dlr N
Vul None
♠ J 8 4
K 10 4 3
Q 6 3
♣ K 7 6
♠ 10 3♠ A 9 7 2
Q J 8A 7 5
K 4 2J 10 9 7
♣ Q 10 9 8 2♣ J 4
♠ K Q 6 5
9 6 2
A 8 5
♣ A 5 3


1♠**Pass1NTAll Pass
* could be short
** transfer to 1NT


Ugh.  This was a very unpleasant board for us.  Franco led a low spade.  After a while declarer played low, and I stuck in the 8.  This seemed like the technical play.  However, it also seemed that declarer would play the 10 in almost all the situations where my sticking in the 8 is necessary.  So in a game where all the players are competent and no one is playing poker, it might be best to just play the J at trick one.

The trick one play didn't really matter in the suit, but it had a high second order cost.  When declarer led the ♣J out of his hand, I was afraid to lose my opportunity to play spades through.  I didn't want my partner to potentially get in in clubs first, so I didn't duck the ♣K.  This was very costly, as it became easy for declarer to establish clubs, and then when he guessed the red suits he ended up with 120.

[Franco]  This was only 2/17, though we had to go plus to get above average.


  1. It looks like you were punished by East opening the bidding. After that, well, stuff happens.