Monday, April 12, 2010

Platinum Pairs 1st Final Board 6

Board 6
Dlr East
Vul E-W

J 9 7 3
10 7
9 8 3 2
8 4 2
K Q A 8 4
Q 6 5 4 J 8 2
K Q J 10 A 5 4
10 7 5 A K J 9
10 6 5 2
A K 9 3
7 6
Q 6 3

West North East South
1N Pass
2♣ Pass 2 Pass
3NT All Pass

I don't remember this one that well, maybe Andy can help. The auction is a guess, maybe it started 1♣ etc.

I led the A then switched to something passive. I seem to remember that when I was in with the ♣Q it was still safe to exit passively (probably a spade). Later declarer led a heart towards dummy and I took my trick rather than lose it.

-630 was good enough for 11/17, vs only 2.5 for -660. I'm surprised it was that much of a swing, now I wonder whether other defenders lost a trick, or if other declarers played on different lines.

Deep finesse says declarer is cold for 5. I guess if South takes a high heart on air, there are 2 tricks on power. If instead dummy is allowed to win the first heart trick (or the 2nd) there's a squeeze end-play. Perhaps declarer was supposed to run diamonds. When I pitch the likely 2 spades, now can unblock spades, cross in clubs, cash ♠A drawing a heart pitch and play J, overtaking with the Q and exiting a heart if I try to duck.

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