Thursday, September 24, 2009

Advancing problem

IMP Pairs
Both Vul

You, South, hold:

K 10 9 6 5
K J 6 3
Q 10

West North East South
11♠Pass 2

Would you bid something else the first time? What do you do now?


  1. Yes, I would have bid 3D the first time, thinking that this shows a high-card raise to 3S with 4 trumps. Now I'll bid 3S.

    Partner would overcall 1S with something like AQxxx Qxx xxx xx, right? So, bidding past 3S seems like an error. Even AQxxx Axx xxx xx isn't a great game (given the auction) so trying with 3H also seems like an overbid.

  2. I would bid 2D the first time, and I'm not giving up now - I bid 3H.

  3. Agree with thg's bid and reasoning. I wouldn't bid 3H since that could just be hearts if a 2H response to 1S is not forcing. The alternative is 3D and it is pretty close. With H10 or maybe even H9 instead of H6 I might choose 3D.