Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spingold bidding problem

Both Red at IMPs, you, East, hold:

Q 8 3
7 5 2
K J 10 6 5 4

SouthWest North East

Do you act at either opportunity?


  1. I'd pass also--bidding could easily be right, and generally I like to look for reasons to bid rather than to pass. Qxx of spades just seems like a little bit too strong an argument against.

  2. I'm with Tim and Drew (except about being a wimp.)

  3. I pass. What's the best you can hope for? To push them up one? Maybe win 5 IMPs at best? I admit wimpy-hood.

  4. I would bid 3C the second time (because I want to push them up one and win 5 imps). But not surprised that other people pass.

  5. I would pass at these game conditions, but I would think that at other conditions it's a tough problem (MPs or different vul). This hand feels like one of those where I think the hands will fit either really well or really poorly.

    That is, if it is correct for you to bid, it's much more likely that the hand will turn out to be one of those where both sides make 9-10 tricks in their suit. Whereas if it's wrong for you to bid, you go for a number.