Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Team trials assign the blame

Had this auction in a KO match. How would you assign the blame, if any?


8 4 3

K 10 8 5 2
A Q 10 6 4

K J 5
A 3
A Q 7
K J 7 5 2

West North East South

Pass7♣DblAll Pass


  1. Did south's pass of 6H show first round control of hearts (double would have denied)? If so, I think it was a stretch for north to bid 7C. South might have bid 7C himself with A/A/AQ/K.

    South might also have overcalled 1NT with that collection (and with his actual collection). I don't think double is wrong, but it does mean (to me) that south takes a small part of the blame.

    South might also have bid 5S or 5N instead of 6C with first round control in spades, especially with the other stuff that north needs for seven.

    I'd say 98% north, 2% south.

  2. South 70%.

    It's not obvious to me that this is a forcing auction for N/S and so pass is looking for grand. Even if it is forcing and pass does show first round control I still don't like it as South's hand needs too much from partner to make 13 tricks.

    North's 7C looks like an overbid to me but is less clearly wrong than South's pass.

  3. Blame: N 80% S 20% but that's only because N made the final bid. Both N's 7C and S's forcing pass are equally questionable in my opinion.

    First, at unfavorable, I always assume this is a forcing pass auction.

    From S's POV, N would need 5 controls (SA DK CA) plus possibly CQ to make grand. Given N already has 0-1 heart, he might have made a stronger move with that hand.

    From N's POV, the unfavorable jump to the 5 level should have at least promised the minor suit holdings he actually has. The only extra is the heart void. If S can make a grand opposite the heart void, probably would have made a try over 5H.