Monday, September 14, 2009

Defending preempts

At summer nationals (forget which event) I held (approximately) this hand:

A K Q J 8 3 2
K 9 6 4

What is your plan if the opponents open 2?

Does it matter if they open 2 instead? For me, a cuebid is michaels in this auction (if you don't play that way I think it's right by a lot) but not over 2M.


  1. Over 2♥ I would bid 4♥, showing a good 4♠ bid.

    I would double 2♦

  2. Huh. I tend to play that as a better than 4N way of showing both minors, but maybe that's wrong.

    I guess if it goes (2D)-X-(4D)-P-(P)-4S and you get pulled to clubs it's probably fine. Or do you think a 1-suiter is a possible hand type for that auction?

  3. I think a 1-suiter is shown by the second auction, as 4♣ would be Leaping Michaels showing the black suits.

    Of course this only works in a partnership with these agreements. With a pickup expert partner I would double on both hands and then bid spades. This should show a very strong hand as an immediate jump to 3♠ is strong after the weak two opener.

  4. Without special agreements (and I don't have any), I'd simply bid 4S over either 2H or 2D.

  5. I usually play 3 Spades and 4 Spades to show behemoth one-suiters with 3 Spades more high-cardish and 4 more distributional. Absent other agreements I'm with thg here. Partner will know that his aces are golden and if he has both we will play a slam for's unfortunate that I can't have partner act with AQxxx of clubs and pass with the same diamond holding. In reality, if he has those cards in either minor, we'll probably hear a cuebid--great if it is 5c. If he bids 5d we may be in scary territory.